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How do I request an item I don't see on the shelves?
Why did my favorite item disappear?
How do I request a donation for my organization?
What is your price accuracy policy?
What do you do if an advertised special is out of stock?
What insurance plans does your United Drugs pharmacy accept for prescriptions?
Why can't I view the weekly grocery ads?


How do I request an item I don't see on the shelves?
If you can't find a favorite item, or if you're wondering if an item is available, be sure to ask a member of your store's management team. Managers sometimes know the answer right away; if not, they can check with one of our buyers. Due to shelf space limitations, it may not be practical to keep adding requested items to a store's inventory, so we may offer you the opportunity to buy a case of the requested item.


Why did my favorite item disappear?
We do all we can to accommodate our customers' product needs, within the bounds of store shelf space and product availability. There are hundreds of thousands of items available to modern grocery stores, yet our stores are limited by size to around 40,000 at a typical location. When you take into account the tens of thousands of new items that are introduced each year, every item on our shelves faces a survival-of-the-fittest test every day, with customers voting for their favorites with their grocery dollars.

With so many items competing for so few shelf spots, the results of all this "voting" is that sometimes, regrettably, chain-wide sales figures for an item reveal that it is not enjoying enough support for us to continue stocking it. If that's the case, we discontinue it and give the shelf space to something else. Of course, even if the majority of our customers did not demonstrate an interest in the product, it seems inevitable that the item was somebody's favorite, and they really miss it when it's gone.

In most circumstances, unless the item is no longer being manufactured, we probably can special order a case of the discontinued item for you. It's always to your advantage to have your store manager check this out for you.


How do I request a donation for my organization?
Bashas' has been blessed through the years to be in a position to offer assistance to a number of artistic, educational, humanitarian and civic projects in the communities where our stores are located. Seven decades of philanthropy, however, all but assures that we receive far more requests for assistance than our limited donations budget possibly can accommodate. That's why we are careful to assess the merits of every request for help, checking each one against the guidelines of our donation philosophy.

Each of our stores is given a modest monthly donations budget to accommodate relatively small requests for community organizations in the store's immediate vicinity. Examples include deli trays for Block Watch gatherings, cookies for school outings and the like. Your organization can apply directly to your local store director for this kind of assistance.

Larger requests should be directed to the Bashas' Community Gifts Program by letter, at least 30 days in advance of your event. Use your organization's letterhead and be as specific as possible about the nature of the assistance you are requesting (that makes it easier for the members of our Gifts Program to assess whether we can help or not). Write to:

Bashas' Community Gifts Program
P.O. Box 488
Chandler, AZ 85244

Keep in mind that in order to distribute our charitable monies as effectively as possible, we have chosen to eliminate from consideration the kinds of requests we can't handle with fairness. Innumerable sports teams, pageant contestants and walk-a-thoners (to name a few) ask for our support, but as much as we admire their goals, there are just too many such individual efforts out there for us to support them all. Instead, we focus our giving on the community organizations that work to improve the quality of life for us all.


What is your price accuracy policy?
We work hard to ensure that the price we charge is the price you see posted on the shelf. When a cashier charges you more than the posted shelf price, we'll give you the first of like items free (up to $5), then charge the correct, current price for the rest. If we charge you less than the shelf price, we'll give you the benefit of the undercharge on the first of like items.


What do you do if an advertised special is out of stock?
Our stores should have a good supply of ad merchandise, but sometimes, unforeseen factors can cause us to run out of an item prematurely, or to be unable to get more of the item in a timely fashion. When this happens, we have two remedies. First, we're happy to offer you a substitute. When doing so, we'll choose an item that's as comparable as possible in terms of size, quality and price. Second, we can give you a rain check for the specific item we're out of. Rain checks generally are good for 15 days, but we'll gladly renew it if it takes us longer than that to get more of the item.


What insurance plans does your United Drugs pharmacy accept for prescriptions?
Click here (PDF) to view list of insurance plans.


Why can't I view the weekly grocery ads?
In the past, the problem with the inability to view the Travidia pages was related to Norton Internet Security, Ad Blocker. All of the guests that I have contacted turned off the Ad Blocker and the images (content) of the page returns. The information on the Ad Blocker can be found here.

I hope this helps shed some light on the problem, but if it doesn't, there is another possible cause to your problem. You may have scripting turned off on your browser. This can cause you problems with a number of websites.

To check, go through the following steps:

  1. In internet explorer go to the Tools menu.
  2. Select "Internet Options".
  3. Click on the Security Tab.
  4. Click on the Internet choice near the top (looks like a globe).
  5. Then click on the "Custom Level" button near the bottom.
  6. Scroll down the list to the item Scripting - Active Scripting.
  7. Select Enable (this has something different selected if I am right).
  8. Click the two OK buttons.

This should take care of your problem.

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