Cub House

— All Cub Houses are closed until further notice —


The Bashas’ Cub House is a free supervised play center for young children between the ages of 2½ and 10 years old, while their parents shop our store. While in the play center, your child is cared for by trained and experienced staff. We look forward to having your child visit the Bashas’ Cub House.

Visit with your Bashas’ Cub House staff to hear about all the fun activities that are planned at your neighborhood Bashas’ Cub House play center.

Bashas' Cub House Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What ages does the Cub House serve?
A. Activities and equipment are geared for children approximately 2 1/2 to 10 years of age.

Q. How long may my child stay in the Cub House, and do I have to remain in the store while my child is checked into the Cub House?
A. The Cub House is to be used exclusively by Bashas’ shoppers while in the store for a maximum of 90 minutes per visit.

Q. How do I register a child for the Cub House?
A. Complete and return the registration form. Any Cub House staff member can assist you.

Q. What activities does the Bashas’ Cub House offer?
A. The Cub House has a variety of activities, from arts and crafts to building blocks and games. In addition, the staff will be providing a monthly calendar of special crafts and activities.

Q. What kind of staff screening does Bashas’ conduct to ensure my children’s safety?
A. All Cub House members must pass a drug screen and a criminal background check. We also require Cub House members be CPR certified.

Q. What happens if my child needs to use the restroom?
A. The Cub House staff will page the Parent/Guardian so he or she can take the child to the restroom. The staff is unable to leave to Cub House area to take children to the restroom. Our recommendation is that as a parent/guardian, you take your child to the restroom prior to entering the Cub House.

Q. Can my child bring food or toys into the Cub House?
A. No food or toys from home are allowed in the Cub House.

Q. What are the cleaning procedures for the Cub House?
A. The Cub House is cleaned and sanitized continually throughout the day, as well as every evening when the Cub House is closed.

Q. What happens if my child remains in the Cub House for more than 90 minutes or my child requests my assistance and I am called back to the Cub House but do not respond?
A. Cub House staff will page the parent/guardian back to the Cub House after the child has been in the Cub House 90 minutes. If the parent/guardian does not respond and it is determined that parent/guardian has left the store, Bashas’ will need to consider the child abandoned and contact the local police department for assistance.

Save time on your first visit – print out this Cub House registration form PDF and bring it in with you.

Click here to find a Bashas’ Cub House near you and their hours of operation.

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