Double Coupons & Coupon Policy

Bashas’ Coupon Redemption Policy

We gladly double your Manufacturer Coupons, up to a 50¢ value, when you redeem them for items purchased. Coupons with values of 51¢ to 99¢ will be redeemed for $1.00. Coupons for $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value. Please note that we do not double Store Coupons, Load-to-Card Rewards, product demonstration or free coupons, coupons that state “Do Not Double” or the instant “Catalina” coupons printed with your sales receipts. We do not double liquor or tobacco products.

We limit one (1) coupon per each item purchased. We will double up to three (3) like coupons on three (3) like items. We do allow one manufacturer’s coupon and store coupon to be used together. Coupons are valid up to the price of the item.

We accept Internet coupons. All Internet coupons must be authentic (with the appropriate message to the retailer, etc.), a UPC scan bar, pin number and web site. We do not accept any Internet coupons over $3.00 or “free product” Internet coupons.

We do not accept copies of coupons and we do not accept competitor coupons.