All About Hydrangeas

At Bashas’, Hydrangeas are the flower of the month in December. You will find blue and white hydrangeas in the floral department all month long.

Did you know…..?

– People love Hydrangeas so much that there is a day for it, January 5th is Hydrangea day!

– Hydrangeas originate in the mountainous regions of Japan. The Japanese variety often produces much smaller and delicate blooms.

– Hydrangeas can change their colors. Hydrangea plants are one of the few flowers that soak in the aluminum from the acidic soils. This aluminum accumulation results in the bluish tints.

– White hydrangeas will always s be white, but the pink and blue can be manipulated by the pH levels in the soil.

– Hydrangeas plants need consistent pruning to bloom year after year.

– Hydrangeas produce their massive clusters of petals from the tips of shoots produced from the previous season.

– Be careful! Hydrangeas are poisonous if eaten, so be sure to keep away from children and pets!