Donation Request & Solicitation Policies

Donation Request Policy


Thank you for thinking of Bashas’ Family of Stores as a possible source of help for your charitable endeavor. Below is some important information about the Bashas’ Community Gifts Program to help you determine whether your request falls within our donation guidelines. If it does—and if it’s at least six weeks until your event—please follow the procedure for submitting your request.

As an Arizona company, we have chosen to use our limited donation budget to support in-state charitable organizations that benefit children and families; education; health and human services; veterans; the needy; the disadvantaged; and the elderly. Unfortunately, our donation guidelines expressly prohibit contributions to (or sponsorship of) pageants; individual endeavors, pursuits or competitions; and out-of-state or out-of-country travel.

We require a six-week minimum lead time for processing donation requests. Bear in mind that donation requests are especially heavy from October through December, so lead time may be even longer. All requests must be submitted in writing via U.S. Mail on your organization’s letterhead. A copy of your organization’s 501 (c) 3 IRS private, non-profit status designation must be attached. (Citing your number is insufficient. A copy of the designation must be attached to the request.) All requests must include specifics about your organization, what it is your organization is specifically doing (if an event is involved, please provide date of the event) and what you are requesting. Please mail all requests to the Bashas’ Community Gifts Program, P.O. Box 488, Chandler, AZ 85244. Unfortunately, we do not accept e-mail or telephone requests.

Please also provide specific information regarding your organization’s designee that we might contact if additional questions arise related to your request. In addition, provide your organization’s address, phone number, email, etc. on the request letter. Most requests are responded to by return mail; without an address on the letter, we cannot respond.

Click here to view/download our In-Kind Donation Request policy



Our Policy for Soliciting on Bashas’ Property

Bashas’ Family of Stores does not allow soliciting on our store properties.* We do, however, have a longstanding commitment to our communities through our two charitable programs, the Charity of the Month and our Community Support  Card. To qualify for either program, an organization must be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Our renowned Charity of the Month program gives customers the opportunity, via donations at the cash register, to support one major community charity nearly every month of the year.  With our Community Support Card program, we sell gift cards to nonprofits at a 6% discount, and the nonprofit then sells those cards to its supporters at full value, netting the difference as proceeds.  For more information on either program, click here:


*Two longtime partners, the Girl Scouts and The Salvation Army, are grandfathered in to our no-soliciting policy.