Can you say Chrysanthemum?

November is the month of the Chrysanthemum, a tropical flower native to Asia and Northeastern Europe. These flowers have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is said that the Chrysanthemum flower has the potency to expel wind, clear away heat, calm the liver, improve acuity of sight, subdue inflammation, and expel toxic substances (1). The flowers are also often utilized to promote circulation, cool the body, preserve vitality, and provide some properties akin to those of the tonic herbs (2). Chrysanthemum tea is very popular and used as a relaxant, and commonly taken to help relieve head congestion and strengthen the lungs.

Forty different wild species of Chrysanthemum are grown around the world. These beautiful and sturdy flowers can last up to 2 weeks in the vase. Leaves will die first, and removal of the leaves will encourage longevity.

For your next outdoor event make sure you buy Chrysanthemums. This flower produces a chemical called pyrethrum, which helps naturally repel most bugs!

You can find Fall floral arrangements at your local Bashas’ containing Chrysanthemum’s all month long in the floral department.

(1 & 2) – Please visit An Herbal Spotlight for more details on the Chrysanthemum flower.