Decadent Desserts from your Bashas’ Bakery

Bashas’ Bakery has professional bakers on staff who can create gorgeous and delicious desserts for your family this holiday season. All you need to do is call ahead and place an order for your special dessert, and they will have it ready for you to enjoy.

The Yule Log is a traditional French dessert typically referred to as bûche de Noël. Originally, this dessert emerged in the 19th century.1 It is made of sponge cake and baked in a shallow Swiss roll pan where it is then iced and formed into a cylinder, and eventually iced again. The end of the cake is cut off and placed on the side to resemble a chopped off branch. It can be topped with powdered sugar, holiday decorations (such as a poinsettias), ganache, and icings flavored with espresso or liqueurs.2

Bashas’ specializes in Holiday Decorated Cut Out Cookies which can be sold decorated or undecorated. The undecorated version guarantees a tasty treat and allows the kids to decorate them to their liking.

The Paczki is a Polish doughnut that is filled with a sweet filling. They can be covered in powdered sugar, icing, glaze, or dried fruit. They look similar to a classic filled donut or a German berliner, but the Paczki is made from especially rich dough containing eggs, fats, sugar, yeast and sometimes milk.3

We are proud of our homemade pies which include pumpkin, apple, or apple crumb for the holidays. The 8″ version is only $3.99 and the 10″ or deep dish version are $9.99.

And don’t forget, Santa loves our traditional donuts as much as we do! Treat the Jolly Old Man to a traditional glazed donut or one covered in sprinkles to help him get through his long night ahead!

For the best service, either stop in your local Bashas’ to talk to the baker about your request, or feel free to call. You can find a list of stores and phone numbers here. For more ideas, please visit Blogging with Bashas.