The Most Bizarre Grapes You’ll Ever See

The strange fruit in the image above are called Sweet Sapphire Grapes®. They are about two-inches long and in a tubular shape. This grape is dark purple, almost black in color, and the inside is translucent green. To make them even better they are seedless! Sweet Sapphires® live up to their name because they have a sugar content that far exceeds all other varieties of grapes. Did you know that each grape is so solid that it can be snapped in half? The individual grapes are also large enough to be stuffed! You can serve Sweet Sapphire® grapes as a fascinating party platter finger food, as the base for a full-bodied reduction sauce or simply as a tasty snack fruit.

You can find Sweet Sapphire Grapes at your local Bashas’ throughout the month of September.