Kids Lunchbox Packing Tips

Packing a a school lunch can save you money every week, but figuring out what to pack for your little one every day can feel like a daunting task. You want to be sure that your kids are getting the nutrients they need, but you also want them to eat it and not get bored! Try varying the lunch day to day: send a sandwich one day, a Danimals Smoothie and cheese sticks the next, pinwheel sandwiches to really mix it up, and perhaps hard boiled eggs and cereal to really spice up the week.

Some additional tips:

  1. When you’re packing a lunch always make sure to add a fruit, vegetable, protein and carbohydrate so it has balance.
  2. Kids eat with their eyes, so the brighter it is (think natural colors), the more exciting it will be for them to enjoy.
  3. Try to cut food in bite size pieces. Large sandwiches can be overwhelming, especially for small kids, so “sushi” sandwiches or fruits and vegetables cut into small pieces can be easier to chew and take less time to eat.
  4. Try making pancake sandwiches filled with nut or seed butter or cream cheese. Use cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches or place a variety of foods on a stick to amp up the fun factor.
  5. Vary lunch day to day